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Ask Simi is a global foundation founded to inspire and empower young women to believe in themselves and discover their full potential through mentorship, life skills development and exposure to opportunities.

About the founder Simona Fusco

Ask Simi was founded by Simona Fusco. Growing up her late mother would call her by her nickname “Simi” which her mother often told her was because she was the most beautiful caring and compassionate little girl she had ever met. That stuck with her till this day and her mother was spot on. At the age of eight a prominent modelling agency discovered Simona Fusco in Vienna, Austria and she quickly became their top international model for their two biggest clients, Benetton and Lacoste. At that moment, a spark was ignited in Simona, which has made her the self-made, award-winning entrepreneur that she is today. Simona’s mother quickly realized that Austria was limited in what it had to offer her daughter and shortly thereafter, at 14 years of age Simona and her mother relocated to Los Angeles, where the entertainment world quickly discovered her beauty, talent and natural born charisma. In a span of less than 10 years, Simona starred in more than 30 televisions and movies. One prominent Hollywood critic James Bacon, one of very few to interview Marilyn Monroe in person, published a story in the Beverly Hills Magazine 213 and called Simona “The Most Spectacular Looking Blonde Since Marilyn Monroe.”

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Ask Simi is taking a stand on…

pitfalls of social media
viral videos
public shaming
over-sexualized clothing
sugar daddy dating
and many more…

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We are currently actively seeking volunteers to join our mission and world wide movement to help inspire, empower, protect and support women and teenagers in their growth to raise the quality of life.

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